Aurora police sergeant on leave after verbal tirade against 17-year-old

An Aurora police sergeant remains on administrative leave after unleashing a profane verbal tirade at a 17-year-old girl during a traffic stop in June.

Body camera video posted to the department’s YouTube channel Wednesday shows the officer, identified by police as Sgt. Ed Acuti, directing a string of profanities at the teen after pulling her over June 29 for speeding near the intersection of East 2nd Street and North Airport Boulevard.

“You think I’m out here playing (expletive) games?” Acuti yelled, according to the footage from his body camera. “You’re out of your (expletive) mind!”

The teen, who is not identified, can be heard shouting at the officers — “Y’all kill people!” and “I’m 17, can you please call my mom?” — as they try and get her to calm down.

“You better keep your (expletive) mouth shut!” Acuti tells the teen in the video. “I’ll make your life a living (expletive) hell from this day forward … I don’t give a (expletive) how old you are. Let that sink in!”

In a statement Thursday, a police spokesman said Acuti’s behavior was “not consistent with the training or expectations of an Aurora police officer.”

After viewing the footage, Aurora police Chief Vanessa Wilson “was deeply concerned by what she saw,” police said in the statement, and ordered an investigation into the incident and placed Acuti on administrative leave.

The department’s internal affairs team is finalizing the investigation into alleged unprofessional conduct by a supervisor, the statement said. A summary of the findings will be available upon completion.

“In every interaction, we must strive to treat individuals with respect and remain professional,” Wilson said in the statement. “I commend the officers that are unwilling to compromise their integrity and continue to report misconduct that jeopardizes the work we, as an agency, are trying to accomplish with our community.”

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