Autistic boy, 6, has sawdust rubbed into his eyes after standing up to bullies

An autistic six-year-old boy has been beaten with sticks and rocks and had sawdust rubbed into his eyes after standing up to bullies , his loved ones say.

Little Carter English was left with wood in his eye, a broken arm and bloody cuts to his face after he was allegedly attacked by seven other children.

The youngster, who had confronted the group for allegedly bullying his friend, was taken to hospital where he underwent surgery on his eye.

He is now recovering from his injuries with his heartbroken mum, Dana English, by his side – as police investigate the alleged attack last Wednesday.

Brave Carter, from Olympia in Washington state, US, described how he confronted the group of kids, around his age, at an apartment complex.

He claimed they had been bullying his pal, telling KOMO : "They were just bullying him, like beating him up. I just told them to stop.

"And then they did it to me."

The little boy was allegedly beaten with sticks, had rocks hurled at him and had sawdust and bark rubbed in his eyes after standing up for his friend.

His mum said he was left with "a piece of wood in his eye".

Last week, he underwent an operation to repair a cut to his eye at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center, where he was joined by a worried Dana.

Although he has since left hospital, he may still need surgery on his arm.

“It’s been hell. I haven’t slept. I haven’t eaten. I can’t do anything. I can’t even leave his side," his mum told the news station.

Olympia Police, who are investigating the alleged attack, have reportedly identified a young child who is believed to have started the incident.

The force is said to be planning to get social services involved. Due to the ages of the children involved, there will not be any criminal charges.

A GoFundMe page has now been set up to help Dana with her son’s medical bills and petrol money, with more than $30,000 (£23,000) already raised.

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A post on the page, set up by the single mum’s friends, describes how Carter was attacked by seven children at the apartment complex last week.

"Carter has multiple hematomas on his forehead, a concussion, lacerations to his eyelid and eyeball (they had to pull beauty bark out of his eye), fractured elbow in 3 places and a broken arm and he has the possibility of loosing his left eye (sic)," it says.

It adds that the youngster, who has autism, is a "very smart boy" who "loves video games, playing with his friends and being with his family".

"What happened to him wasn’t okay," it says.

Carter, who doctors initially feared could lose his eye, continues to recover at home after the alleged assault.

Taking to Facebook last Friday, his mum said: "I am truly at a loss for words right now. In this horrific situation when I have felt so lost and so alone so many people have come together from all over the world to help my little guy. I don’t think I have any tears left to cry.

"But i want to thank each and every single person who has shared commented or prayed. Anything at all. Even just a thought of my boy makes my heart over flow with so much hope and love."

The following day, she added: "Carter is doing way better than I could have ever imagined. He is not complaining of any pain or anything."

Dana also shared pictures of her little boy, with his face visibly injured.

"Bullying is not okay," she said.

"There’s no reason to bully someone ever."

To view the GoFundMe page or to donate, click here

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