Auto thefts jump 63% at DIA, Denver police report

Denver International Airport has continued a nasty trend that Colorado would like to stop. Denver Police Department reports a 63% increase in stolen cars from the airport in 2021.

Last year auto thefts increased 55% over 2019 in Colorado, according to data from Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority-Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force. Of those thefts, 20,185 occurred in the Denver area.

In 2020, 305 vehicles were reported stolen from DIA. Already 83 have been taken this year.

Jordan Eull and Dezirae Moyer were arrested at DIA in a car that had a stolen license plate on Wednesday. Denver Police believe them to be connected to at least two of the stolen vehicles.

DIA staff says people should avoid leaving valuables in their vehicles. They also encourage reporting suspicious activity immediately to Denver police.

DIA released a statement to Denver7 saying that security patrols had been increased as a result of the recent incidents:

“We are aware (and concerned) of an uptick in vehicle vandalism and theft from DEN parking lots recently. The uptick in incidents this weekend is unusual, though we know that, unfortunately, car theft has increased in the Denver area recently, and we take it extremely seriously. DEN is working closely with the Denver Police Department to investigate these incidents. There are several different groups that regularly patrol DEN parking lots, including Denver Police, DEN staff and contracted security and we’ve increased these patrols as a result of recent reported incidents. We also encourage anyone parking in DEN lots to follow the same safety protocols you follow when parking in other public parking areas: don’t leave valuables in your car, be aware of your surroundings, take your keys with you, and report any suspicious activity to the airport or police.”

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