‘Avengers’ Fan Dies In Theater While Watching ‘Infinity War’

A moviegoer passed away while watching the blockbuster hit in theater in India.

The intensity level Avengers: Infinity War has affected Marvel fans with has taken a tragic turn for the worst as a moviegoer passed away while watching the blockbuster hit at a theater in India.

Times of India reports 43-year-old mason worker named Peddapasupula Baasha died while watching Avengers: Infinity War in 3D at the Cinehub Multiplex theater in Proddatur this past Tuesday. The construction worker decided to partake in the May Day celebrations at the Cinehub Multiplex theater by watching the latest Marvel movie.

Once the movie concluded, theater staff members found Baasha sitting in his seat without moving. Initially, they believed the construction worker was just watching the movie credits. After all, Marvel movies are known to have an Easter egg in the form of a small extra clip hidden at the end of the credits. It wasn’t until the movie credits concluded that the staff speculated something was wrong.

When officials arrived at the movie theater and removed his 3D glasses, they discovered the construction worker had died with his eyes open. Proddatur rural police suspect the construction worker either died of cardiac arrest of other natural causes. They, however, did send his body to a local hospital for investigation.

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At this time, Proddatur rural police have no reason to believe Peddapasupula Baasha died of anything other than natural causes while watching Avengers: Infinity War this past week. However, the construction worker’s death is still under investigation.

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