Baby bird jumps into lake to escape harrier but is eaten by crocodile

Heartbreaking moment baby bird jumps out of nest into lake to escape harrier and swims for its life – but is snapped up by crocodile

  • The African weaver bird made a dash for freedom with the harrier hawk circling
  • But it met a tragic end when it was snapped up by a crocodile lurking in the water
  • The footage was filmed near a lake at the Kruger National Park in South Africa 

This is the moment a baby bird meets a tragic end at the hands of a crocodile after jumping from its nest to escape a hawk.  

The African weaver bird made a dash for freedom when a harrier hawk came circling around its nest at a national park in South Africa. 

But after flapping its way across the water it was met by the horrifying sight of a crocodile rising from the depths of the lake. 

The footage was filmed at a lake by Sunset Dam, in the vast Kruger National Park in the north-east of the country. 

At the start of the video the hawk is seen perching on a tree in the lake where a number of weaver birds had their nests.  

Juan Geyser, who filmed the footage, said the ‘hungry-looking’ bird of prey ‘seemed in a hurry to tear the nest apart’. 

One of the birds makes its escape and can be seen bobbing in the water, flapping its tiny wings to get away as fast as it can. 

Watching from the shore, the visitors to the park can see the crocodile’s mouth just above the water. 

The hawk is seen perching on a tree in the lake where a number of weaver birds had their nests

But the escaping bird does not realise until it is too late, when the crocodile swoops and grabs the weaver in its mouth in one movement.  

Mr Geyser, 38, said: ‘I took my camera out hoping to capture some action and was not disappointed. 

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‘I watched in amazement as this little bird fled the nest in fear and landed on the water like a little bobbing rubber duck. 

‘What, at first, looked like an amazing escape only landed up being short-lived as a small crocodile was lurking about in the waters and happened to notice the weaver’s movements. 

‘In the blink of an eye, the weaver was gone as the croc swallowed him whole.’ 

One of the little weaver birds makes its escape, using its tiny wings to flap its way through the water and escape from the hawk circling near its nest 

But it meets a tragic end when a crocodile which was lurking below the water snaps open its mouth and eats the weaver bird in one motion 

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