Bali hit by another earthquake as tourists report ‘everything shaking’

The Indonesian island of Bali has been struck by a 5.2 magnitude earthquake.

The quake is the third to hit the region in less than a month.

The most recent seismic event had a depth of 10km, according to scientists.

The epicentre of the earthquake was detected some 25km off the region’s south coast.

One person who felt the tremor wrote on Twitter: "Different kind of alarm clock than I’m used to. Being woken by an earthquake is an unnerving feeling. #bali #baliearthquake"

Social media users said they felt shaking across the archipelago, including the neighbouring island of Java.

The Indonesian island of Lombok was struck by two major tremors over the past week.

The first tremor, magnitude 7.2 on the Richter scale, hit at a depth of 1km, the U.S. Geological Survey says.

Just 30 minutes later a 5.9 tremor struck.

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Holidaymakers said on Twitter they felt "worried" and "feared for their safety" following the previous quake on Lombok.

Footage shared online shows tourists pouring out of their hotels and into streets as they felt the jolt.

Last month’s massive earthquake killed at least 347 people and put the island on the verge of a humanitarian crisis.

More than 13,000 homes collapsed or were badly damaged.

The tremor was strong enough to rock the neighbouring island of Bali, which is visited by thousands of British tourists every year.

The scale of the earthquake was so big that neighbouring Australia was issued a tsunami watch warning for parts of its western coast.

Just yesterday Venezuela was hit by a massive 7.3 quake on the country’s Caribbean coast.

No deaths or major damage was reported by authorities and it appears the earthquake’s depth – 76.5 miles (123 km) below the surface – appears to have mitigated the destruction.

The shocks were felt in neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago which saw some homes and businesses damaged by the quake.

Tremors were reported in Caribbean islands some distance away, including Grenada and Barbados, while one witness claimed he felt the tremors 300km away in Oistins, a resort near Barbados’s capital.

He said: "We were sat outside by our room and felt the ground moving gently for several seconds. The couple on the balcony in the room above us said they had felt it too"

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