Bar ad asks for staff with ‘double D breasts’ and ‘great smile’ in sexist post

A bar's advert looking for staff with 'double D breasts' and a 'great smile' has sparked outrage on social media.

The job ad, which appeared in the window of Stumpers Bar & Cafe, read: "Wanted: Part-time bar staff. Apply within. Must have double D breasts."

It added that applicants needed 'a great smile and a good attitude'.

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The cafe, located in the sleepy New Zealand town of Hokitika, added that 'men can apply also'.

A photo of the job ad appeared on social media, with reactions ranging from outrage to amusement – while others saw it as a challenge.

"It's clearly a joke to get attention. People need to chill," one man said.

"Surely this is a joke?" a woman posted.

"I can hear the banjos from here," said one commenter.

One person put themselves forward with the corny joke: "I’m the best candidate bra none."

While one disgusted Kiwi woman saw it as a missed opportunity, saying: "See, if it said 'must have double D breasts, a great smile and a good attitude, but women can also apply' that could almost be funny. This is just gross."

"Perhaps 'D' refers to their grade on the respect for women exam?" another person asked on social media.

One mum with young daughters was damning: "I will assume that 'good attitude' means willing to use great smile at all times in response to sexist comments and general groping?"

Some women noted they could apply but would make the executive decision to steer clear from the role.

"I'm over-qualified, but wouldn't go near it anyway," one mum said.

"DD and a bad attitude. I guess I'll stay put," another responded.

Several commenters either knew men who filled the brief – or were men who did.

"Do the men have to be double D too? Asking for a friend," one said.

"I’ve seen lots of men with DD breasts and a nice smile."


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