Barack Obama makes rare revelation about ‘competition’ between daughters Malia and Sasha

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The former President of the United States, who left office almost four years ago, said his daughters Malia, 22, and Sasha, 19, have become closer throughout the years. Mr Obama told People: “I think part of what’s been also wonderful is seeing Malia and Sasha become such great friends.

“They’ve got a three-year gap between them… there’s still that sister competition.

“‘Did you grab my halter top? Where is it? Why haven’t you returned it? Why are you doing this, why are you doing that?’”

Mr Obama added that now that they are older, the “just enjoy each other’s company” instead of arguing.

The former president, his wife, Michelle, and their two daughters relocated from their home in Washington, where they spent the early days of the coronavirus pandemic to their vineyard over the summer.

Mr Obama said: “Malia and Sasha have been with us almost continuously since March, with just a few breaks.”

But like in many other households, life as a family in lockdown was not always fun for the Obamas.

He added: “Like a lot of families who are lucky enough not to have to worry about losing a job, or a family member getting sick, there are times where it’s felt claustrophobic, I’m sure, for them.

“But for Michelle and me as parents, to have this bonus time where your kids are having dinner with you every night and we’re playing games and watching movies together — there’s been a lot of joy to that.”

Earlier this month, Michelle Obama offered a similar insight into life during the coronavirus lockdown in the Obama household.

In a candid virtual appearance on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, the former First Lady confessed that her daughters were “sick” of her and her husband.

She revealed that during the “early stages” of the lockdown all four members of the family were “excited to be together”.

However, as time went by, Sasha and Malia began to miss school.

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She said: “We were all being organised and we would spend the days apart doing our respective work – the girls were still in classes in the spring – and so we would be working and then doing a little exercise, and then come together in the evenings.

”We would have these activities. We would have cocktails, and then we would work puzzles, and play games.”

She added: “Barack taught the girls how to play spades. We actually had some organised things.

“Like we had an art exhibit day, where we all went off and did water colour paintings, and then we showed it.”

But soon enough, the younger household member became “a little sick” of their parents.

Ms Obama said: “Now, Conan, this was in the early stages. I think first our kids got a little sick of us, which was fine because we were pretty much sick of them.

“And so the summer started happening, and then we could be outside a little bit more, and we came to the vineyard, where we still are, and so there’s more room to roam around and that was good because it helped us break it up.

“And now the kids are back in Zoom land classes. They’re doing it remotely. And they’re no longer thrilled about being with us.”

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