Bartley Teal & Jaime Sarrantonio's Killers Sought By Nashville Police

According to NBC News, local Nashville, Tennessee authorities and police spent their Sunday searching for the “cold-blooded killers” of Bartley Teal and Jaime Sarrantonio, who were fatally shot and killed outside of a bar Friday night. Nashville Metro Police believe that the same murder suspects in Friday’s shooting were likely involved in a series of robberies and homicides that have occurred throughout the past week, including the death of 31-year-old Kendall Rice, who was gunned down while walking to the bus stop Tuesday morning.

Friday’s shooting victims, Teal and Sarrantonio, were killed shortly after leaving a bar in east Nashville called The Cobra at around 3:00 a.m. The pair were reportedly at the bar in the first place to celebrate Teal’s 33rd birthday.

Don Aaron, a spokesperson for the Nashville Metro Police Department, said that the pair, “walked back to The Cobra bar parking lot where they and two other persons — a man and a woman — were confronted by these two individuals with at least one gun. Mr. Teal reported it was a robbery and he was fatally shot.” Aaron reported that shortly afterwards, Sarrantonio was shot and killed as well, adding, however, that investigators are still unsure of the motive for Sarrantonio’s murder.

“These are just two senseless cold-blooded homicides,” Aaron noted. The two other victims in the robbery were reportedly not shot.

According to Commander David Imhof, investigators believe that Tuesday and Friday’s shootings may be connected to a string of other crimes in the area based on timing and vehicle descriptors.

Another Nashville Police spokesperson, Kristin Mumford, said, “We are investigating these cases as possibly related. There are similarities, but have not been definitively connected.”

Out of the four other attempted robberies in the area, one of them involved the wife of a OneRepublic crew member, who was shot in the back while taking her dogs out for a walk. In a video, the band’s frontman, Ryan Tedder, said that she “lost her spleen, it hit her spine, she’s now in a wheelchair and going through multiple surgeries.”

Ryan Noble, yet another robbery victim, told police that he and a group of friends were heading to The Cobra bar on Thursday when two men approached them with a gun.

Both Noble’s wallet and a friend’s purse were stolen by the assailants and were later recovered with nothing missing from either of them. “I guess we’re just lucky that nobody pulled the trigger,” Noble said, who was hit in the face with the assailant’s gun before his wallet was stolen.

“We’re obviously telling folks to be in groups, be careful, be very cognizant of your surroundings and of what’s going on,” Commander Imhof said.

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