Base jumper smashes into 400ft cliff after terrifying parachute malfunction

Terrifying footage has captured the moment a base jumper was left dangling from his parachute after he spiralled out of control and smashed into a cliff.

In the video, the adrenaline junkie can be seen falling far too fast after the parachute fails to open properly while he was approaching a 400ft cliff face.

The jumper appears to try and stick his legs out to brace against the impact but still connects hard and falls further down.

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His parachute then got snagged on some rocks and a cloud of dust and rocks covers him, while he was left hanging there.

Father and son filmers, Mitch and Baron Edwards, simultaneously captured the incident at Tombstone Cliff, Moab, Utah, US, while out on a hike with family.

Baron Edwards is heard saying "Oh!" in his video. Mitch Edwards then exclaims: "Oh my goodness!"

Grand County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue were called to the scene and eventually managed to retrieve the jumper.

The Grand County Sheriff's Office confirmed to local reporters that their Search and Rescue team responded and that the base jumper survived the accident.

Further footage shows another BASE jumper successfully jumping from the same cliff.

Base is an acronym for the objects the participants typically leap from: buildings, antennae, spans (such as bridges), and Earth, like the natural formations found in Utah.

The trapped base jumper was rescued by a Grand County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue team.

Ironically, the Search and Rescue team was the beneficiary of a yearly fundraising campaign organised by the Moab Base Association in the same week.

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The association organised a raffle that included prizes such as climbing gear, sportswear, and digital cameras.

Reports did not say whether the daredevil was injured in the incident.

Base jumping is one of the most dangerous sports in the world, with the chance of dying being 1 in 2,317, according to the HRF.

The most common cause of jumping fatalities is a malfunction in the equipment that is being used.


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