Battle-of-the-sexes psychology study answers who puts together flat-pack furniture better — men or women?

Cambridge University researchers tested 670,000 people to find psychological differences between sexes.

It suggested men are typically more analytical and better at problem solving.

It means males are better suited to rule-based jobs such as engineering or being a mechanic. And it helps explain why more men are left to do basic DIY, such as assembling Ikea flat-packs.

Women were more likely to score high on empathy tests — the ability to recognise how another person is feeling — and respond appropriately. Experts said as a result, careers in counselling or as ­primary school teachers are more likely to suit women.

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen said: “This is the biggest study of its kind and confirms a difference in key character traits in general.

“Men are more likely to analyse or build rule-based systems. It may explain why we see more male engineers.

“The average woman is more empathic and better at recognising feelings.”

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