BBC reporter is hit in the face by a sudden snow drift on camera

Moment BBC reporter Laura Trevelyan is hit in the face by a sudden snow drift as she tries to do a piece to camera in Washington DC

  • BBC reporter Laura Trevelyan was caught in a sudden blizzard while filming
  • The British journalist was making a piece-to-camera about the Capitol riot
  • With the Capitol Building in the background, a thick flurry of snow hit her in the face, with the senior reporter having to stop to find shelter

This is the hilarious moment that a BBC journalist is covered in snow as she tried to do a piece to camera.

BBC reporter Laura Trevelyan was covered in snow during a blizzard while reporting from Washington DC on January 6.

The British-born journalist had been in the US capital city to do a piece on the first anniversary of the Capitol riot – when supporters of Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol building to stop the certification of the 2020 election.

Ms Trevelyan began the piece in Washington DC with the Capitol in the background before being slapped in the face by the icy blast

Ms Trevelyan begins the piece-to-camera by introducing the topic and revisiting the anniversary with the US Capitol Building in the background.

In the footage, she makes it 20 seconds through her monologue when a thick flurry of snow suddenly hit her in the face.

She interrupts her piece to cover her eyes from the blizzard and then appears shocked by the forceful gust of snow.

The thick flurry obscured the view of the Capitol and left Ms Trevelyan covered in snow

She then says ‘oh God’ to her camera operator before leaving the shot in order to find cover.

The BBC reporter posted the footage to her 11,700 Twitter followers and poked fun at her misfortune.

The footage has been viewed over 100,000 times on the social media website. 

The BBC reporter had to leave the shot in order to find cover from the forceful snowy winds

Ms Trevelyan is one of BBC’s foremost US reporters, having been the Corporation’s United Nations correspondent between 2006 and 2009.

She became a US citizen in 2016, a day after the presidential race was called for Donald Trump.

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