BBC Weather: Europe basks in 30C May HEATWAVE as African air scorches continent

Europe is set for rocketing temperatures in the coming days, as the continent basks in air drawn up from Africa. Temperatures will hit 30C in southern Spain and Portugal, with “pretty hot” conditions for Madrid too. BBC Weather presenter Matt Taylor said: “If you’re in southwestern parts of Spain and Portugal, bit of a May heatwave on the way through the coming days as we start to see air drawn up from Africa. To the north though, we’ve got cloud, outbreaks of rain to take us certainly into Thursday night and the start of Friday morning. That will spread its way in across France during the day on Friday.

“Central parts of Europe looking a little bit brighter, but we could see a few storms here and there, especially through parts of eastern Germany and into Poland.

“A few storms too as things turn cooler across Romania, Bulgaria, and into Turkey, but through Greece, the Aegean, looking fine and sunny.

“Much of the Mediterranean blue skies overhead taking us into Friday, and whilst temperatures 21C in Lisbon, 27C in Gibraltar, that warm air will be working its way northwards.

“Lots of cloud to northern parts of France with outbreaks of rain, and across Scandinavia looking a bit wet through southern parts of Norway and Finland as it still could be into Saturday.”

Bit of a May heatwave on the way as we start to see air drawn up from Africa

BBC Weather

The BBC Weather host added: “Saturday will start the weekend in central Europe looking pretty stormy, low moving thunderstorms with hail around as well, gusty winds, some snow over the Alps.

“Mediterranean though sunny and, as I said, starting to heat up. Temperatures into the 30s through inland parts of southern Spain and Portugal.

“Continues in fact through the coming days, pretty hot in Madrid for instance, and starting to warm up a little bit into next week in Paris and London, as we gradually lose the showers and sunshine increases.

“As for Berlin staying a little bit on the cool side through the coming days and cooling down in Moscow with some rain at times.”

Meanwhile for the UK, BBC Weather forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker warned temperatures will drop to below freezing levels overnight before an area of high pressure will bring back the sunshine and the hot weather.

The BBC meteorologist warned the wet weather will continue throughout the day on Friday with almost all areas at risk of showers.

He said: “Temperatures by early on Friday could be as low as freezing or lower.

“Even in the bigger towns and cities further south is more like 4C to 8C in central London. Tomorrow morning, a lot of sunshine from the word go, but not everywhere.

“Some northern areas could be quite cloudy across Yorkshire and then clouds will actually bubble up through the morning into the afternoon and further showers will develop.

“Possible almost anywhere. Dry probably in the north-east. And then later in the day, all of this weather here and some of that rain will probably reach Cornwall and Devon.”

Temperatures are set to begin rising on Saturday, but the wet weather will still continue for many until Sunday.

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