BBC Weather: Heavy rain and ‘bridges at risk’ as 60mph gales set to smash UK

BBC Weather: Parts of UK set for 'damaging' gusts of wind

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Speaking to BBC Breakfast on Saturday, weather presenter Matt Taylor warned the UK is set to see one of the wettest and windiest weekends for months as Hurricane Sam, currently tearing through the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the USA, is sending chaotic weather towards Britain.

He told viewers how Saturday will be the “wetter” of the two days and warned Britons to be prepared for strong winds to develop towards the south east of England.

But the presenter stressed Sunday is looking dry and brighter for many.

The forecaster did warn however that the far north of Scotland will see damaging gusts of wind on Sunday.

Mr Taylor said: “Two weather systems coming into play here to produce lots of rain around.

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“Strongest of the winds on the eastern edge of that area of low pressure.”

He added how there is already rain in western fringe areas with heavy and thundery downpours set to be brought inland.

The presenter added how this wet and thundery weather front will push itself northwards and eastwards throughout Saturday as much of the UK is set to be blanketed.

He said: “It is a dry and bright start for many in Scotland.

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“Good for eastern England, a little on the cool side.”

But he warned Britons to make the most of the morning as cloud will roll in for those areas not set to be lashed by rain.

Saturday will see highs of 16C in London, 15C in Norwich, 15C in Plymouth, 14C in Hull, 13C in Newcastle and 13C in Aberdeen.

While high winds will see gales reach an astonishing 60mph on the Kent coast while East Anglia’s coastline will be battered 47mph winds.



Mr Taylor warned those winds could even damage bridges and will impact ferry services due to their strength.

Despite the dreary forecast the presenter did stress much of the heavy wind and rain weather will clear for most of England and Wales as Sunday morning arrives.

But high winds will remain for the most northern areas of Scotland as gusts are set to blow in at an astonishing 70mph. 

Sunday will see highs of 16C in London, 16C in Norwich, 16C in Hull, 14C in Belfast and 13C in Glasgow.

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