BBC Weather: ‘Time to layer up’ as snow wall and wintry showers to slam into UK this week

BBC weather: Rain set to turn into snow

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The BBC Weather meteorologist said conditions will be “largely dry: across the West before “breaks of rains” set in during the night. He told BBC Breakfast viewers that today will be a “slow-moving low-pressure day” with spells of rain feeding in across England as he warned that Scotland and the North of England will be hit by snow instead. BBC Breakfast host Nina Warhurst reacted to Mr Fawkes’ forecast telling Britons is now “time to layer up.”

Mr Fawkes said: “There were some cold winds around yesterday. Those winds have calmed down a little bit. But we’ve got a lot of clouds and bursts of rain around, particularly across Eastern areas.

“It’s a day where the weather will brighten up today so we will see that some spells of low pressure is the same one that brought those strong winds and the rain yesterday. It’s a particularly slow-moving low pressure and it’s got rain still feeding in, particularly across parts of England.

“The rain band is into eastern Wales but that’s going to melt away over the next hour or so.

He added that there could be “isolated showers” across Wales, Northern Ireland, and the South West of England. But they will be short-lived. 

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The BBC forecaster added: “The weather will become largely dry across Western areas although there could be just a few isolated showers here and there, one and two for Northern Ireland, one or two for Wales and for the South West of England as well.

“But those clouds and rains will tend to thin and break up and there should be some spells of sunshine developing even across the Eastern areas of England.

“And it won’t feel quite as chilly as it did yesterday given that the winds aren’t quite as strong. Temperatures around about six and nine or ten degrees in the South West will be turning a little bit milder for a time.

“Overnight tonight clear skies will allow temperatures to dip away very quickly.

“Then we got a weather moving in from the west, that is gonna be spreading outbreaks of rain in for many western areas later on in the night.

BBC weather: Rain set to turn into snow

The weather in Scotland, in particular, will be wintry with snowfall reported already today. But five days of snow are expected in the UK from Tuesday night.

Mr Fawkes continued: ‘We could see some snowfalls with rain turning into snow particularly across parts of Scotland in the hills. The heaviest falls, north of the central belts could see some fairly tricky travel conditions in Altnaharra and Aviemore but even further south to Buxton.

“There will be snow mixed in with this over the high ground.

“For some it could be one or two issues on Monday but that band of rain will be pushing its way eastwards as we go on through the day with cool and snowy conditions coming in from the west. Temperatures will come down again as that chilly air works in.


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“Then, as we get into Tuesday we get a rapidly deepening area of low pressure that is set to move in.

“This is set to bring some fierce winds across the Republic of Ireland.

“It will also get very windy across parts of Northern Ireland, western areas of Scotland, and western areas of England and Wales without breaks of rains moving in and it will still be cold enough for some snowfalls over the high ground in Scotland and Northern England as well.

“We could see some issues with the weather on Tuesday. Beyond that, on Wednesday it’s still some windy without breaks of rains.

“It will become a little bit drier and brighter as we get towards Thursday.”

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