BBC Weather warns ‘very strong winds’ and frosty to hit UK

BBC Weather: Mixed conditions to hit UK as low pressure moves in

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Monday night will be “the coldest night of the week” as frosty conditions settle across the UK, an expert has warned. BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor said Tuesday morning could bring some frost, while rain is expected in the latter part of this week. A surge in low pressure from the southwest is set to bring in wetter weather into Thursday and the weekend but it will be largely dry in the meantime, except in certain areas in Scotland. Temperatures will vary between 13 and 19 degrees as the milder temperatures sweep through the UK. 

Mr Taylor said: “A lot of low-pressure overnight which brought the rain today. Things will turn dry but this is the air pressure that will govern things into the second half of the week. 

“The second half of the week will be wetter than the first half but, with it towards the southwest of us, it means winds will come in from a southerly direction so temperatures, compared to what we normally expect in mid-October, will climb above what is usual. 

“So, it is going to be a warmer rather than a colder few days as we go through this week but, as I said, some rain will come later on. 

“It has been a very mild start to today. We have temperatures some 15, 16 degrees across some eastern parts of England at the moment. 

“Overnight rain clearing, for most anyway. Sunny spells are developing but it will be quite a windy day, especially in some central areas. 

“Rain over the next few hours is expected in East Anglia, the southeast, and also across the Channel Islands. 

“That will clear to sunshine for the rest of the day across England and Wales. There will be a few showers continuing in Northern Ireland. 

“The air brakes we have got in Scotland will turn more showery, so more in the way of dry weather here this afternoon. Some very strong winds across the Irish Sea and into the northern parts of England. 

“Even with that in the forecast, it is going to be a mild day. Temperatures around 13 to 19 degrees. 

“But tonight will be the coldest night of the week. Showers continue in northern Scotland, with clearer skies elsewhere. 

“There will be a bit of frost for England and Wales to start tomorrow morning. 

“But tomorrow, it will be the sunniest day of the week.”


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Fine and dry conditions are expected across the UK on Tuesday with plenty of sunshine to enjoy. 

Some patchy cloud could pop up in Scotland and southwestern England bringing the chance of a light drizzle. Cloud cover may increase over northeastern coasts at night. A gentle northerly breeze.

Wednesday will be fine and dry in most parts of the UK at first, but some isolated heavy showers could build up over southwest England and southern Wales. 

A major band of wet and windy weather will push in from the southwest on Wednesday night and make its way through the country into Thursday.


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