Benidorm brawl erupts on bus as passenger yells ‘F*** off this is my holiday’

A brawl has erupted on a bus on the way to a hotel in Benidorm as a passenger yelled "F*** off this is my holiday".

Fellow travellers were left in shock when a foul-mouthed rant between two women sitting next to each other broke out.

Dramatic footage appears to show one of the women lash out at the other, saying: "I work, what do you do for a living?"

To which the other replies: "You're barely a secretary. That is nothing."

The first woman then says: "That's more than you do. Just don't f****** talk to me."

In reply, the second shoots back: "Well I tell you what, you can f*** off the whole way through. You go and kiss every man when you're drunk."

The first replies: "That's not me, that's not me."

When the second says she has photographic evidence, the first explodes at her, shouting: "Shut up, shut up. This is my holiday. Shut up. I work, you don't. Shut up."

The pair then struggle in their seats with one lashing out at the other before a man steps in to break up the fight.

Fellow passenger Adam Barker, 28, who was on the flight from Sheffield to the Spanish tourist destination for a stag do explained that the pair were arguing even before they had got on the coach.

He told the Daily Express: "They must have had a skinful on the plane."

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He added: "To be fair, there was laughing, but they had been told to shut up a few times. The driver pulled over at one point saying he would ring the police.

"It took a few lads to split them up. We made them move seats. We had to tell them to stop at one point, there were families on the bus."

"There were 20 lads on a coach on a stag do that you would think would cause problems, but it was just two tanked up women."

The 28-year-old revealed that the relatively short journey from Alicante Airport to Benidorm which is meant to take 35 minutes, took over two hours as a result of the fight.

But he added that it all ended well as the two rowdy women seemed to make up when they got off the bus and hugged each other, saying sorry.

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