Best vape pens: Why Seed & Smith’s Dart vape is a must-try

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Of all the myriad ways to consume cannabis, my favorite is smoking a vape pen.

It wasn’t always. As someone who just moved to Colorado in late 2019, I didn’t have a robust selection of products to choose from in my prior years as a recreational smoker. And while I once thought I’d never grow out of the nostalgia of loading a bowl of flower, vaporizers give me the consistent experience I’m looking for without the need for a lighter or other equipment.

Nowadays, there are dozens of options when it comes to vaping THC, but there’s one product that I swear by: the Dart from Seed & Smith.

The first things that are noticeably different about the Dart are its size and shape. The oblong apparatus is 3½ inches long and a ¼ inch wide, offering portability and the ease of being slipped into a purse compartment or the front pocket on a woman’s pair of pants. That, my friends, is truly something to celebrate.

The sleek design is hardly the only reason I love this pen, though. The unique model also takes unique cartridges, or pods as the company calls them, which magnetically connect to the battery. Though the heating element only has one setting (3.7 volts), it’s plenty to get a good hit every time. And, unlike other carts I’ve tried, these rarely ever get clogged.

As a person of simple weed tastes, I appreciate such a low maintenance product.

Seed & Smith’s pods feature both regular and live concentrates, the latter referring to THC that was extracted from a plant that’s been frozen after it’s harvested versus dried. And for what it’s worth, cannabis purveyors Terrapin Care Station and 14er also make and sell vape pods, though I have not tried them.

This may be the only vape pen you will ever want, but not the only one you’ll ever need, especially in a pinch, as pods aren’t all that common to find behind a dispensary counter.

When on the hunt for this specific cannabis product, I find it best to go straight to the source. I’ve previously purchased Seed & Smith pods from other dispensaries, only to return to find them out of stock. A friend recently tried to look up where she could buy pods on WeedMaps and when she arrived, the budtender informed her the store did not carry them — ever.

Seed & Smith’s cultivation facility has an onsite dispensary at 5070 Oakland St. in an industrial stretch of Denver’s Montbello neighborhood that requires a special trip, though it’s well worth it for the selection and price of pods there. (I highly recommend the Tango Live pod.) The free grow tour, currently on hiatus because of COVID-19, is also a worthwhile reason to visit. The company hopes to restart it before the end of the year.

Tokers in Louisville, count yourself lucky: Seed & Smith recently opened its first satellite dispensary, deemed its flagship location, at 1413 Hecla Way.

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