Bizarre footage shows the man holding UK hostage ruffle woman's hair as he arrives for crunch Brussels talks

The man who holds Britain's fate in his hands as European Commission boss also stroked another woman's hand as he arrived for talks in Brussels.

Mr Juncker, known for his love of fine wine, greeted several officials at the European Council summit today.

When Pernilla Sjölin – the EU's deputy head of protocol – walked up to him to say hello, he put his hands on her hand and ruffled up her hair.

He then made a bizarre gesture in the direction of another official before putting out his cheek for her to kiss.

And while shaking the hand of a third woman, he held and stroked it for longer than normal.

Shortly afterwards, Mr Juncker clashed publicly with Theresa May at the centre of the summit.

The pair had a blazing row as the PM blasted the Eurocrat for calling her "nebulous" last night.

Mrs May said: "What did you call me? You called me nebulous – yes you did, yes you did."

Mr Juncker replied: "What? No, no I didn't, I didn't."

The famously thirsty former PM of Luxembourg is frequently seen behaving unusually in public.

At an event earlier this year, other European leaders had to help Mr Juncker walk in a straight line.

He blamed sciatica.

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