Bizarre moment the EURO sign appears in the skies above Buckingham Palace

BUCKINGHAM Palace has been hit by a Brexit omen – in the form of a euro sign appearing in the sky above it.

As Britain struggles to quit the EU, the bizarre apparition was spotted above the Queen's home.

A tourist was stunned to see the symbol in the clouds above London – but it vanished the second after he took the photo.

Remainers could interpret the image as a sign their side is destined to win.

But Leavers will be reassured by the fact that the euro promptly disappeared from Britain's skies.

Lawyer Manuel Palfrader, 40, took the snap while visiting London for a minibreak from his home in Italy.

He said: "I think it was visible just for a few seconds.

"When I raised my eyes from the cell phone display, that odd cloud formation had already disappeared.

"The euro sign obviously seemed surreal to me and it was even more astonishing, as it was there just for the blink of an eye, exactly above the Union Jack.

"It was kind of funny though, in times where everybody is talking about Brexit.

"If I hadn't captured that moment on photo, I'd have thought it was just an illusion."

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