Bizarre reason why people can’t stop talking about Meghan Markle’s tights

Since bursting onto the scene when her royal relationship with Prince Harry was confirmed, Meghan Markle has become somewhat of a style icon.

Women across the globe are desperate to copy her looks and get their hands on whatever clothes she wears.

Dubbed "the Duchess effect" her outfits usually sell out within hours of her being photographed in them.

But even the most fashion forward of people can still slip up sometimes – something the Duchess of Sussex proved to be true over the weekend.

The expectant mother accompanied her husband and other family members to the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday November 10.

On first glance the 37-year-old looked incredibly chic in a black Stella McCartney coat dress, which cleverly hid her baby bump thanks to a big bow.

She wore her dark hair down, tucked behind her ears and paired the dress with a black clutch and heels.

But people couldn’t help notice that something about her ensemble was a little odd – and it’s all to do with her tights.

Meghan, who has famously opted to forgo wearing hosiery thus far, decided to put on a pair of shiny, nude tights for the event.

And many people on social media were bemused by the way they looked.

One person wrote: "Meghan rewearing her fab Stella McCartney coat from Cardiff visit, but I cannot get over the glare of these tights."

Another said: "What has happened to Meghan Markle’s tights? Has she spilt her wine?"

However others found this criticism incredibly offensive and highlighted how difficult it can be to find tights that match your skin colour.

"I feel so sorry for Meghan Markle because her every move is scrutinized because she’s American, a ‘commoner’ older and biracial. Now they are talking about her nude colour tights. They don’t exactly match her skin tone. Well, this is a COMMON problem for women of colour," argued one Twitter user.

Another added: "Do we really have nothing better to talk about on Remembrance Day than Meghan’s tights?"

This isn’t the first time the duchess has come under fire for her choice of hosiery.

In May, she wore a similar pair of tights to Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party at Buckingham Palace and was also criticised for them.

She has since been seen stepping out in public with bare legs.

Some have suggested that the decision to cover her skin may not have been her own – as it is commonly thought that the Queen has an unwritten rule about guests and family members wearing tights at royal events.

However Marlene Koenig, royal expert and Royal Musings blog founder, told this isn’t actually true.

She said: "There are no rules for royal women regarding pantyhose.

"While most women (royal or commoner) wear pantyhouse with suits or gowns for a good slim line, it is not required by any decree from the Queen."

What do you think of Meghan’s tights? Let us know in the comments below.

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