Only black pupil in his school year is racially abused by classmates

Mother’s fury after son, 15, who is only black pupil in his school year is racially abused by classmates who scrawled ‘go back to the jungle’ and ‘n*****’ on his end of year uniform

  • Teenager moved from east London to Clacton after the murder of his friend
  • He took part of end of year signing of clothes Clacton County High School
  • But classmates scrawled ‘go back to the jungle’, ‘n****r’ and ‘c**n’ on his t-shirt

A teenager who is the only black child in his year was reduced to tears after racist classmates scrawled ‘go back to the jungle’, ‘n****r’ and ‘c**n’ on his end-of-school souvenir t-shirt.

The youngster – who attended Clacton County High School in Essex – took part in the traditional activity which sees pupils write good luck messages in pen on each other’s tops.

But instead of having a life-long keepsake the 15-year-old’s polo neck t-shirt was daubed with racist words.

Police are now investigating the ‘malicious communication’ and bosses at the 1,600-pupil school have also launched an inquiry to try to trace the culprit.

The year 11 teenager’s mother Juliet has hit out at the abuse and revealed her family had moved from Newham in East London to the coastal town for a new, more peaceful life, after her son’s friend was murdered. 

The boy’s mother Juliet has revealed her son’s heartbreak after his leaving shirt was covered in racist language

Classmates scrawled ‘c**n’, ‘go back to the jungle’ and ‘n****r’ (left to right) on his end-of-school souvenir t-shirt

She said: ‘When he came home, he came through the door and he was bouncing and was very happy that it was his last day of school.

‘On the front of his t-shirt there were the usual farewell messages with students signing their names but on the back underneath the neck area it had the N-word written on it which was underlined and it had c**n written on it twice and then there was a statement that he should ‘go back to the jungle’.

‘That was written on the back of my son’s shirt, that is what he walked all the way through the school with, that is what he walked all the way through Clacton streets with on his back.

‘He had no idea that was written on his back.

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‘We were shocked and felt absolute horror, shock and anger. I was incredibly angry. I was incredibly upset and immediately went down to the school.

‘From the family’s perspective we feel like it’s going back in time and it’s opening old wounds.

‘I faced severe racism. I went to school in Essex also – so it’s effecting me in more ways than one. Racism needs to be eradicated. It’s not fair. My son should not have to suffer like this’.

The homeless charity CEO said her family’s dream move away from the troubles of East London had ‘turned to a nightmare’.

‘My friend’s son was murdered in London and I got fed up with the sirens going all night.

‘It was a dangerous place with some bad people so I was delighted when I saw a home for sale and moved to Clacton. But the dream has turned to a nightmare.’

Police are now investigating the ‘malicious communication’ and bosses at the 1,600-pupil school have also launched an inquiry to try to trace the culprit at Clacton County High School

The graffiti was sprawled onto the teen’s top last Friday when the pupils were allowed to spend time together as part of their last day of school before their GCSE exams.

The school’s vice principal Chris Taylor said the matter would be handed over to Essex Police once the pupil has been identified.

He said: ‘This brief gathering marks the end of the main GCSE exam season and is the final time that the entire year group is together.

‘This happy and lively event was marred this year by the totally unacceptable actions of a student who, without thought of consequence and with total ignorance, wrote racist and hateful remarks on the back of the shirt another student.

‘This was brought to my attention by the parent of the victim, who came into school to meet me that day.

‘I share the disgust of the family that such a thing has happened, there is no place for racism in our school or our society.

‘I am both shocked and appalled that a student would have acted in such a manner.

‘Clacton County High School will not, and does not, tolerate racism or prejudice in any shape or form.

‘We always act swiftly and decisively whenever any incidents that fall below our expectations are brought to our attention. This incident was immediately reported to the police by the school and we will conduct a full investigation.

‘On behalf of the entire school community, I offer my sincere apologies to the victim and his family.

‘I am disappointed, angry and appalled. I also apologise to the rest of Year 11, who will feel that such bigoted comments will reflect on them and taint their reputation.’


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