BLM supporters confront gun-toting store owner defending property after one was FIREBOMBED during Breonna Taylor unrest

BLACK Lives Matter supporters confronted a gun-toting store owner who was defending his property after a shop was firebombed in Louisville.

The tense exchange in the Kentucky city came on the third night of unrest following the grand jury decision not to charge any cops with the death of Breonna Taylor.

Footage shows a group of protestors gather around the man and urge him to support the BLM cause but he refuses to do so.

A young black man asks “does Black Lives Matter?” to the man who has been identified as business owner Fadi Faouri by a Daily Caller reporter who posted the clip online.

A woman off-screen shouts “does Breonna Taylor matter?” several times

Faouri replied to the woman: “Does it matter? I don’t know.”

Then other BLM supporters gather around as Faouri tells them he is just there to protect his business.

Louisville police say a shop was firebombed during the disturbances as well as windows of businesses smashed and buses damaged.

The first protestor then says: “We don’t want your business,” and asks him again if black lives matter.

Tensions then appear to rise with Faouri saying: “Nobody can intimidate me.”

Protestors then fire questions to Faouri about Taylor’s death and whether he supports their cause.

When Faouri says Taylor’s death isn’t his concern, a protestor says: “It should be your business, because all lives matter, right?”

In a second clip of the exchange a woman, who says she is a documentary filmmaker, tries to engage Faouri on race issues, but he refuses to become involved.

“You just said ‘All Lives Matter.’ You can say that, but it’s the color black that is the issue,” the woman says.

“You have an issue with that, I don’t have an issue,” Faouri says. “I don’t see color.”

He adds, “I don’t care, white or black bulls**t, I see you as a human being, that’s all that I care about.”

“I don’t see color. I don’t believe in color.”

A little while later, a protester with a megaphone steps into the frame and urges the protesters to move on.


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