‘Blood on his hands’ Biden’s ‘disastrous’ retreat to blame for Putin’s Ukraine campaign

Biden has 'blood on his hands' over Ukraine says expert

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Joe Biden was heavily criticised for pulling US troops out of the war-torn country in August 2021 as countries raced to help British nationals and supportive Afghans leave Afghanistan. Former advisor to Donald Trump, Sebastian Gorka, has since claimed the US President’s withdrawal gave Vladimir Putin the go-ahead to invade Ukraine.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Gorka said: “This is a man who has lost the respect of our nation and across the world.

“It’s really upon him, the blood is on Biden’s hands that Ukraine has been invaded because it was his disastrous withdrawal and surrender from Afghanistan which was the signal to the murderous Putin to say, ‘ok guys, it’s up for grabs, let the tanks roll’.

“Whatever he does in Europe, it’s too little, too late.”

It comes as more than three million people have fled Ukraine to neighbouring countries since Russia invaded on February 24, according to United Nations data, but the United States has only admitted several hundred Ukrainian refugees so far, leaving some critics questioning US government policy.

President Biden and his top officials have said the United States stands ready to accept refugees if needed, but the administration has repeatedly signaled that Europe should be the primary destination for Ukrainians.

We’re going to welcome Ukrainian refugees with open arms if, in fact, they come all the way here,” Biden said on March 11 during a meeting of fellow Democrats in Philadelphia.

Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki have made similar comments.

Psaki said on March 10 that the administration believes the “vast majority” of refugees will want to remain in neighboring countries where many have family, friends, and former employers.

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The US State Department has said that it will work with the United Nations to bring refugees to the United States in the event Ukrainian refugees lack protection in Europe, “bearing in mind that resettlement to the United States is not a quick process.”

Refugee resettlement can take years, though the Biden administration sped up the process for Afghans following the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan last August.

Lessons from that experience could help expedite the resettlement of other refugees, three US officials told Reuters.


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A group of more than three dozen Democratic lawmakers urged Biden in a March 11 letter to increase refugee admissions and allow Ukrainians with family members in the United States to enter faster through a temporary mechanism known as “humanitarian parole.”

Representative Raul Ruiz, a physician trained in emergency medicine and chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which wrote the letter, traveled to the Poland-Ukraine border earlier this month as part of a delegation of Democrats and Republicans.

“The crisis could overwhelm the countries currently hosting many of the Ukrainian refugees, and the United States must lead in the effort to assist these countries in helping the vulnerable escape war,” he wrote in the letter to Biden.

Representative Victoria Spartz, a Republican from Indiana and Ukrainian immigrant, was in the delegation and told Fox News that the humanitarian response cannot be neighbor Poland’s “problem alone.”

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