Bodycam video shows NJ officers reviving newborn in train station restroom

Bodycam captures New Jersey Transit officers saving a newborn

The baby was born Tuesday in a bathroom stall at Newark Penn Station. Officers Bryan Richards and Alberto Nunes responded moments later and the newborn began breathing after being administered CPR.

Police bodycam video shows scary moments as New Jersey Transit Police officers rushed to a train station restroom to rescue a baby who had just been born and wasn’t breathing.

"Working here, you see a lot of things, but expecting a baby in a mother's arms that's a newborn, that's nothing that we would expect," one of the officers, Bryan Richards, said Friday, according to WNBC-TV. "I took possession of the baby to do the assessment on it. We didn't know how long the baby was in this world."

Not long.

Richards and Officer Alberto Nunes arrived at the Newark Penn Station women's restroom Tuesday just moments after the newborn’s mother gave birth, according to reports.

Richards brought the baby back to life after administering CPR.

"There we go, good girl," he is heard saying in the video.

Image from bodycam shows NJ Transit Officer Bryan Richards working to save a newborn in a restroom at Newark Penn Station Tuesday.
(New Jersey Transit Police )

"It was high stress and high adrenaline, but once I had the baby crying it was a very big sigh of relief," Richards told reporters, the Bergen Record reported.

He and his partner rushed the infant to the hospital in their patrol vehicle.


The baby was reported to be doing well. Her mother was also being treated.

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