Bombshell Claim From Michael Cohen States That He Was Coordinating With White House When He Lied To Congress

Is Trump’s former fixer trying to pre-empt his old boss?

Michael Cohen, former attorney to President Donald Trump, has sent the news cycle into overdrive this week when he admitted that he lied to the Congress when testifying about his involvement in a deal for a Trump Tower built in Moscow. Cohen’s admissions have reportedly led to increased consternation in the Trump camp, as reported by the Inquisitr, with the president and his lawyers desperately trying to outwit his former attorney.

But it appears Cohen is equally at ease with pre-empting his former boss, and on Friday night, Trump’s former fixer released two new details, which are set to increase the speculation surrounding what’s next in this saga. According to the Daily Beast, Cohen claims that he had told Donald Trump that he was coordinating with the Kremlin about building the Trump Tower in Moscow back in 2016. Trump and his son, Don Jr., have reportedly said that they had no idea of Cohen approaching the Kremlin, but after having incurred a perjury charge himself, it is unlikely that Cohen would fabricate more lies.

“He says he told Donald Trump about a phone call to the Kremlin asking for the Russian government’s help to build a Trump Tower in Moscow in 2016,” the Daily Beast reported.

If this wasn’t a big enough bombshell, the second claim Cohen’s lawyers made was that in the days leading up to his testimony to Congress, Cohen was reportedly in touch with senior White House staff. Cohen has now himself admitted that he lied to Congress in relation to the Trump Tower deal, so with him also admitting that he was coordinating with the White House all that time, are we to assume that Trump — or at least his staff — knew about Cohen’s intentions?

In the past, Cohen had claimed that he had briefed Trump only a handful of times about the project involving the 100-story Trump Tower in Moscow, while also relaying that his queries to the Kremlin went unanswered. But now Mueller’s office has revealed that not only did Cohen brief Trump many more times about the deal, he also had a 20-minute phone call with a top Kremlin official about the possibility of financing the project.

After initial confusion, the Trump team is making sure to distance the president from Cohen, with attorney Rudi Giuliani laying the entire blame for the deal on Cohen’s shoulders. But there have been enough indications that Mueller does not see it that way, and it is possible the Justice Department won’t either.

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