Bonanno family drama spills over into reputed mobster’s trial

So much for Family.

A former Bonanno crime-family associate testified in Manhattan court Monday that he “can’t stand” the reputed mob consigliere on trial for racketeering.

Mafia turncoat Stephen Sabella griped that reputed Bonanno consigliere John “Porky” Zancocchio beat him to a pulp, cost him more than $2 million and basically destroyed his life.

Sabella, 52, described for jurors in federal court how Zancocchio — who is on trial alongside alleged acting Bonanno boss Joseph “Joe C” Cammarano Jr. for racketeering and extortion — came to the Pulse Gentlemen’s club he owned with Zancocchio in the fall of 2014 and assaulted him over a purported rumor Sabella had spread about Zancocchio.

“He punched me in the face. He continued to punch and kick me. I just tried to fend off the blows,” Sabella said.

The witness added that he was pushed out of the Staten Island strip-club business and all his other ventures with the crime family, costing him several million dollars.

“It was a disaster. A complete destruction,” Sabella said of his life at the time, which included having to sell his house and his wife divorcing him.

“I can’t stand [Zancocchio].”

Sabella said he went to the feds a year later, after he got beat up for a second time by a Gambino crime-family associate outside his home.

“I had enough,” Sabella said.

Sabella admitted that after he signed a deal with prosecutors in January, he wrote racist and homophobic posts on Zancocchio’s daughter’s Facebook page about her biracial daughter.

In opening statements, Zancocchio’s lawyer, John Meringolo, said his client isn’t a wiseguy and that he doled out the beating to Sabella not in furtherance of the Bonanno family but rather to defend his kid and grandkid.

Sabella’s testimony is expected to resume Tuesday morning.

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