‘Bonkers’ house covered in astroturf including toilet goes on market for £300k

A bizarre house which has astroturf fitted in nearly every room including the loo has been put up for sale for almost £300,000.

The Cornwall home has four bedrooms and sits inconspicuously on the quiet St Austell street.

But the fake grass doesn’t stop in the garden – it runs all throughout the house.

The astro-obsessed owners have entirely carpeted their home in the turf and it covers the large conservatory, a hallway, a bathroom and utility room, reports the Daily Mail.

Strips have even been laid along the windowsill.

In an even weirder move, the family’s listing describes the “deceptively spacious and versatile” property – but doesn’t bother mentioning the bright green carpeting choice.

It says the house has two kitchens and would be “ideal for two family accommodation”.

The listing has sparked a discussion online, with one internet user saying: “How do they keep it clean, especially if they spill something yucky and sticky?

“My dog would think it's grass and would use it as her toilet.”

Another added: “This is what happens when you have a bit left over…

“You always try to find a use for it often inappropriately.”

Someone else joked: “Well, no one ever lost money on products by underestimating the UK public's bad taste.”

As soon as a potential buyer walks into the property, they will be met with the bright green turf – but not everyone was against the idea.

“It’s great for when the football mad grandchildren come to visit,” quipped one.

Whilst another simply said: “This is completely bonkers but why not?”

The semi-detached home is “suitable for an investment buyer with good return,” according to the estate agents.

It also boasts a “well-fitted modern kitchen breakfast room” and “spacious modern bathroom”.

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