Boston Terrier puppy died in agony after eating mushrooms while out on his walk

A Boston Terrier puppy suffered an excruciating death after eating poisonous mushrooms while out on a walk.

Pet owner Alexandra Barry’s dog Dino ate two mushrooms outside their apartment complex in Boynton Beach, Florida on December 3.

Barry told WPTV Dino woke up later that night with diarrhea. He was also vomiting and could not keep water down – and his condition continued to decline.

‘Within 48 hours he didn’t know his name,’ Barry said.

Barry rushed Dino to the Vet Emergency Group on Thanksgiving. The next morning, she was heartbroken to learn that Dino was unable to be saved and had to be euthanized.

Barry said: ‘I just knew my dog was in critical condition and I couldn’t leave him, he was just a puppy.

The veterinarian who treated Dino said the mushrooms he ate were likely toxic to him, but it is still unclear what type of fungus he consumed.

‘There are many, many types of mushrooms and most of the time they look the same until they are at full maturity,’ said Dr Victoria Tomasino, at vet at TLC Animal Hospital in Boca Raton, Florida.

Dr Tomasino said poisonous mushroom cases are serious, but uncommon in dogs. She also urged pet owners to bring a sample of the mushroom to an animal hospital in such cases.

Barry said she has been left devastated by Dino’s death and she does not want any other pet owners to go through the same heartbreak.

‘It’s an awful experience overall. I don’t wish this on anybody,’ she said.

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