Bottled water from same source sold for vastly different prices at supermarkets

Shoppers are being persuaded by slick marketing into buying the same bottled water at vastly different prices…in the same stores.

Morrisons, for example, sells two-litres of Savers still water, bottled at Shepley Spring near Huddersfield, West Yorks, for just 18 pence.

But the supermarket’s own-brand Yorkshire Vale still water comes from the same source yet costs 44 pence for two litres – a mark up of 144%.

Waitrose sells the “posh” version of one bottled water for three times the price of the same “basic” one.

Mirror Investigation – How price of water compares


1 Royal Deeside Still Water, 750ml, 95p

Deeside Still Natural Mineral Water, 2L, 89p


Savers still water, Shepley Spring, 2L, 18p

Yorkshire Vale still water, Shepley Spring, 2L, 44p


Natural Mineral Water Brecon Carreg, 750ml, £1.10


Natural Mineral Water, Brecon Carreg, 750ml, 80p


Caledonian still water, Campsie Falls, 2L, 50p


Still Scottish water, Campsie Falls, 2L, 45p

Ben Reynolds, CEO of Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming, said: “This research by the Daily Mirror goes to highlight the ridiculous con that is bottled water.

“It’s all about marketing and snobbery and nothing to do with quality.

“We live in a country with perfectly fine drinking water, and hopefully these findings should persuade more people to give up the plastic and go back to tap.”

Bottled water sales in the UK hit £1 billion last year – up 9% as an extra 170million litres was quaffed. Nearly half of bottled water is drunk at home, say analysts.

Among big risers was No1 Rosemary Water at £2.50 for a 100ml bottle, more per millilitre than some champagnes.

Morrisons defended its differing water prices saying: “The mid tier product has a more intricate bottle design that’s more expensive to produce.”

Waitrose and Greggs did not comment.

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