Boulder shooting victim: Jody Waters, businesswoman, killed in mass shooting

Jody Waters was a longtime Boulder resident, but not of the tie-dyed, Birkenstock-wearing type.

The 65-year-old businesswoman, who was one of 10 people shot and killed at a King Soopers on Monday, is remembered as having a sense of style and fashion. She worked in and owned boutiques on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall.

Jeff Shapiro, who owned a store on the downtown mall for several years, said he and his wife Melissa got to know Waters.

“She came in and shopped with us. We shopped with her,” Shapiro said.

He was originally from Illinois, and so was Waters. And they have children who are about the same age; he said she has two daughters.

Shapiro said Island Farm, the women’s boutique where Waters worked, was one of the premier spots on the mall. And Waters was a favorite among shoppers, with many of them seeing her as a friend, he added.

“It sounds like a cliche, but she would light up a room,” Shapiro said.

Waters was from Barrington, Ill., and studied at the University of Arizona, according to her Facebook page.

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