Boxer dog raced to vet for open-stomach surgery after swallowing 16 golf balls

A concerned bloke raced his dog to the vet after the Boxer went off his food and started throwing up – only to be told his greedy pooch had scoffed 16 golf balls.

Owner David Warren, 70, was shocked at the odd find and sent his beloved pet Ben into an emergency two-hour operation he needed to save his life.

The grandfather-of-six said: “I was horrified when the vets told me about the blockage in his stomach.

“They said it was golf balls and I thought he must have swallowed one or two but they said 'No, he's swallowed 16'.

“I couldn't believe it. I'm not a golfer so these were stray balls from the driving range that he'd found and eaten, which shows how good the local golfers are.”

Heroic vets at the surgery in Runcorn, Cheshire said their operation was a “complete success” and two-year-old Ben was recovering well.

Dylan Payne, one of the surgeons at Northwest Veterinary Specialists, admitted: “The removal of so many golf balls is unique. Sixteen is a lot, even for a Boxer.

“Ben's stomach was very full so we needed to carry out an urgent surgery to open the stomach to allow us to remove the balls.”

David, from Merseyside, joked that he is now training Ben to chase sticks and larger balls so he can’t get anything else lodged in his stomach.

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He said: “The vets really made me chuckle when they offered me the bag of balls to take home after the operation.

“I can see the funny side of it all now but at the time it was a very serious situation and no laughing matter.

“I'm going to have to buy some footballs for him to play with now, as he can't possibly swallow something that size, can he?”

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