Boy, 12, with Down’s Syndrome ‘nearly blinded’ by ‘exploding’ Aldi candle

A mum is furious with Aldi after claiming her son with Down’s Syndrome was “nearly blinded” by one of the supermarket’s candles.

Emma Landers, 49, was relaxing in her living room with husband Ian, 51, and son Chayse on November 25 in Bebington, Merseyside.

The glass-encased candle – an Aldi Number 3 – was placed on the bottom of the fireplace before she says it “exploded”.

Shards shot across the room and ended up cutting her “beautiful and innocent” son’s foot.

Chayse, who is also autistic and non-verbal, ran out of the room and has since struggled to return.

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Emma, who is disabled, afterwards posted on Facebook: “You are extremely lucky my child is not blinded by the glass as he usually sits with his tablet right in front of it.”

She told Daily Star Online: “There were no fires on, only an electric heater fire.

"It sounded like a bomb going off, the whole thing just exploded and shot all over the place.

“Chayse shot out the room, he was petrified – there was glass everywhere, all up the place.

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“We were so lucky, the fact that he wasn’t lying on the rug in front of the fire with his tablet – that’s usually where he’d be.

“He happened to be sitting on the couch. We took the candle down to Aldi where we got it, they were apologetic in the store.”

Emma had to patch up her son’s injuries herself, and is now calling for “clear do’s and don’ts” on other candle products.

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Aldi afterwards offered Emma and her son a £50 spending voucher instore and said it would investigate her claim.

However, she is fuming with her family’s “disgusting” treatment.

Emma added: “They’ve got no idea how long it took us to get him back in the living room because he was petrified.

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“Even now, three weeks down the line, it’s still really quite difficult to get him back in there.”

Emma has not yet accepted the £50 voucher.

It cost her family £50 to replace their rug, which was covered in wax, and an extra £30 for a new glass cover above the fireplace.

An Aldi spokeswoman told Daily Star Online: “We are sorry to hear about the Landers family’s experience and we are investigating how this could have happened.

“These candles should always be used in accordance with the safety instructions provided.”

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