Brazen couple filmed having sex on grave – bragged they did it for 45 minutes

A brazen couple who were filmed having sex on a gravestone in broad daylight in a churchyard frequented by children bragged that they did it for 45 minutes.

Dog walker Scott Elwood spotted the pair’s antics when he was passing through the Holy Trinity Parish Church in Shaw, Greater Manchester and was so outraged that he decided to film the explicit scenes.

The explicit footage sees the woman, believed to be in her 30s, lying on the gravestone as the couple romp away.

Disgusted that the pair didn’t stop their exploits despite seeing him, the 20-year-old heckled them, calling them "scruffy c***s".

He then shouts: "On a f*****g grave? That’s f*****g wrong that, mate."

However after reporting the incident to police, Scott was appalled when the offending man contacted him to brag about his alfresco antics.

The man, believed to be in his 30s, claimed to be ‘not arsed’ and told Scott to ‘get a life and stop perving on people’.

He went on to encourage Scott to do the same, telling him to "have some fun in his life and take a risk now and again", claiming he too would "feel the buzz of being caught".

Manual labourer Scott branded the pair "disrespectful" for having sex on a gravestone last Wednesday as well as in the churchyard which is frequented by young children.

Scott described the incident as "a really shocking thing to see".

"It was broad daylight. I was walking through the alleyway when I spotted them as I looked to the side. I didn’t really believe what I was seeing. I just thought ‘what the f*** is going on?’

"But obviously I didn’t want to stay there a long time as I was in full view of them. I was very close to them.

"But I went back past a second time to record them.

"The guy wasn’t bothered at all that I was filming him. He was just looking at me with this look that said ‘f*** off".

"He was far too involved in what he was up to to bother with me."

The man allegedly involved in the incident later contacted Scott and began to brag about the incident.

Scott said: "He bragged to me that he was doing it for 45 minutes – I just think he is an idiot to be honest.

"It sounds like he wanted to get caught, especially considering where he did it and then said in the comments that it was a thrill.

"It’s awful to do that in broad daylight. That’s why I had to record it. I didn’t want to be the only eyes that saw it.

"They were doing right on top of the first grave next to the alleyway, right in front of all the houses.

"Every house looks right onto the graveyard, which is awful."

Scott reported the incident to the police after realising that the churchyard is often visited by playing children.

"A lot of children play on the church grounds playing hide and seek, manhunt and so on. Luckily there was no one there on the day but if there had been it would be awful," he said.

"I phoned the police and said there was a couple having sex on a grave and they said they would send a unit down but I didn’t see anyone come.

"It’s very disrespectful to do it on someone’s grave. It’s awful."

Scott said he would have reacted "a lot differently" if the couple had been having sex on a grave of someone he knew.

"I would have been very angry. I couldn’t imagine what the family of whoever in the grave would think."

The man in the video admitted that he was having sex in the graveyard for 45 minutes but refused to comment further.

The woman involved the footage said: "One person took a video. Just one person saw it."

MirrorOnline has contacted Greater Manchester Police for comment.

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