BREAKING: Massive explosion rocks city centre – cops scrambled

Calls were made to the police at 1.49am local time (12.49 GMT) regarding an explosion. 

Matters Sköld, an officer at Sweden’s Emergency Service Division South, said: “There have been many people who have phoned in regarding an explosion in the proximity of Lilla Torg.” 

It was later confirmed the blast happened at a restaurant. 

Windows were smashed in the explosion, but a full damage report has not been released. 

A police cordon is now in place and emergency services are waiting to be released into the area. 

Mr Sköld added: “We are cooperating with the police. We are not currently at Lilla Torg, but we are investigating a fire alarm nearby.” 

There have been no reports of injuries at this time.

Residents took to Twitter where they claimed to have heard a huge blast. 

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