BREAKING NEWS: Darius died accidentally by inhaling ethyl chloride

Pop Idol star Darius Campbell Danesh accidentally suffocated after inhaling anesthetic drug ethyl chloride that can be used recreationally, medical examiner rules

  • Danesh’s cause of death was revealed by Minnesota medical examiner Friday
  • Died by inhaling chloroethane, also known as ethyl chloride
  • Drug is an anesthetic, and can also be used recreationally  

Darius Campbell Danesh died from inhaling anesthetic drug ethyl chloride in a tragic incident that has been ruled an accident, a medical examiner ruled.

The West End star was found unresponsive in a U.S. apartment opposite the Mayo Clinic specialist treatment centre on August 11.

His death, at the age of 41, was announced by his family, who were originally told they could wait up to an agonising two months to learn the cause of death.

Autopsy documents listed ‘toxic effects of chloroethane’ as well as ‘suffocation’ as having contributed to his death, the Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed.

Darius Campbell Danesh died from inhaling anesthetic drug ethyl chloride in a tragic incident that has been ruled an accident, a medical examiner ruled (pictured in 2018)

The death was ruled an accident by the medical examiner.

A statement released by Campbell Danesh’s family previously said local police had found ‘no signs of intent or suspicious circumstances’.

Campbell Danesh, from Glasgow, was living at the Berkman apartments, a two-year-old building over seven floors.

The family of Scots Pop Idol contestant Darius Campbell Danesh could face an agonising two-month wait to find out the cause of his death. Pictured with his ex-wife Natasha Henstridge and her two sons

The West End star was found unresponsive in a US apartment opposite the Mayo Clinic specialist treatment centre (pictured) on August 11. File image

The Berkman, seen last night, is billed as Rochester’s ‘premier address for elegant short term and long-term furnished suites’

It is described as Rochester’s ‘premier address for elegant short-term and long-term furnished suites and residential living’. The majority of those who live in the apartment block, which has around 270 long-term rentals and 75 short-term or nightly rentals, either work or are treated at the Mayo Clinic’s Saint Marys Campus.

The medical facility, which opened in 1889, has 70 operating rooms, ten intensive care units and 1,265 beds and specialises in cardiac treatment, transplants, psychiatry, neurosurgery and rehabilitation.

A heartbreaking police dispatch call revealed the moment the star was found unresponsive in the apartment block.

Rochester Police Department said it responded to a ‘deceased person call’ at 11.53am on August 11 at The Berkman, and the Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office identified the person as Darius.

According to reports, a dispatch call was placed when a ‘medical’ team was requested for a ‘possible deceased’ person. 

Another call was allegedly made minutes later from an operator saying: ‘No need for them to respond. We’ll be waiting for RPD [Rochester Police Department] to arrive on the scene. We’ll secure the residence.’  

Darius was thought to have been just weeks away from a reunion tour with his former Pop Idol co-stars, with sources close to him claiming that he had been hugely ‘excited’ for the homecoming and UK comeback trip.

Stars of the show from across the world, including Queen singer and American Idol winner Adam Lambert, were due to be invited back with Thames TV filming at the Criterion Theatre in London’s West End, reported The Sun.

Police have said there were ‘no signs of intent or suspicious circumstances’ as of yet while they await toxicology reports. Darius lived in the US and had been in a relationship with Canadian actress Natasha Henstridge. 

The couple married in 2011 at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, California, but had since divorced. His former wife wrote in a statement yesterday: ‘There are no words Darius… only Love Love Love. Forever Janam.’

A statement from Campbell Danesh’s family read: ‘It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Darius Campbell Danesh.

Darius and Natasha Henstridge at a barbecue at The Project Beach House in Malibu, California, on August 9, 2008

The singer and theatre actor with Natasha Henstridge at an Oscars viewing party in West Hollywood on February 27, 2011

His debut single, Colourblind, was released in 2002 and went to number one, marking the start of a run of top 10 releases

‘Darius was found unresponsive in bed in his apartment room on August 11 and was pronounced dead in the afternoon by the medical examiners’ office.

‘The local police department have confirmed that there were no signs of intent or suspicious circumstances. The cause of his sudden death is unknown at this stage while medical examinations continue.

‘We ask that you respect our wishes for privacy at this time whilst we come to terms with the tragic loss of our son and brother.’

One of the last pictures of Campbell Danesh in public was on June 11 as he walked a dog with his friend and fellow Scot, the actor Gerard Butler, in Malibu.

He is said to have been weeks away from a reunion tour with his former Pop Idol co-stars which he was hugely ‘excited’ about.

Pete Waterman, who first met Campbell Danesh as a judge on Pop Idol, described him as ‘the perfect person’

Tributes poured in from across the entertainment world, with Pete Waterman, who first met Campbell Danesh as a judge on Pop Idol, describing him as ‘the perfect person’.

‘The word gentleman is overused but not in Darius’ case,’ he told Good Morning Britain yesterday.

‘So quiet, so polite, so gentle, I guess he was the perfect person. So gentle. No cross words. He didn’t get angry. Darius wanted to do too much. He had too much talent. Darius could have gone on to be bigger than Michael Bublé.’

Simon Cowell, 63, led the tributes to the late singer he first met in 2002 when he finished in third place on Pop Idol. 

The music mogul released a statement honouring the star who passed exactly 20 years after he topped the charts with his critically-acclaimed single Colourblind.

Darius famously turned down a record deal from Cowell but the two have remained friendly over the years and reunited at an X Factor party and recording. 

It was also revealed that the late star recently visited Simon’s home in Malibu for the evening to attend the party and judges’ homes filming.

Cowell told MailOnline: ‘I first saw Darius on television over 20 years ago and I got to know him really well. He was charismatic, funny and just a great person to be with.

‘His passing, for someone so young, is an absolute tragedy and my heart goes out to his family and friends.’ 

Darius’s friend pays tribute to Pop Idol star as she lays flowers at his family home in Glasgow 

A close friend of Darius Campbell-Danesh today paid tribute to the Pop Idol star as she laid flowers at his family home in Glasgow.

Anne Ferguson said she had ‘no words’ to describe her sadness at the Scottish singer and actor’s sudden death.

Her celebrity hairdresser husband Taylor Ferguson had worked with Darius for two decades – and they met again and were pictured together in March this year when Darius visited his Glasgow salon with showbiz friend Gerard Butler.

Anne Ferguson arrives to leave flowers at Darius’s family home in Glasgow today

With tears running down her face, Mrs Ferguson told MailOnline today: ‘It’s just so awful. There are no words. I cannot describe how sad I feel.’

Mrs Ferguson told how she first became friends with Darius after her husband cut the young performer’s hair ahead of his first Pop Idol performance.

She said: ‘My husband Taylor cut Darius’ hair just before he went on Pop Idol and we stayed friends ever since.

Anne Ferguson and Darius at a fashion event in London in 2011

‘His song Colourblind hit number one on the day of our son’s wedding but Darius still found time to come to the wedding.

‘On Thursday we were celebrating our son’s 20th wedding anniversary and we played Darius’ tune again. I cannot believe he died that same day.

‘I send all my love to his mum and dad and his brothers. It’s so sad.’

Darius (left) is pictured with Glasgow-based hair stylist Taylor Ferguson (centre) and actor Gerard Butler (right) in March

Mrs Ferguson’s husband Taylor also paid tribute to Darius and told how he was ‘devastated’.

According to the Daily Record, Mr Ferguson said: ‘Devastated at the shocking news of the sudden death of our dearly loved friend Darius. Only 41. Our hearts are broken. We knew Darius from back in his Pop Idol days and he became a family friend.

‘We celebrated our son and daughter-in-law’s 20th wedding anniversary last Thursday. That date coincided with the 20th anniversary of Darius getting his first number one with Colourblind.

‘Indeed Darius came to the wedding and all the guests toasted his chart success – and of course we danced to the track.’

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