Brexit can boost Ukraine’s Nato bid, says ambassador Vadym Prystaiko

Britain can put “double” its energy into backing Ukraine’s bid to join Nato since it is no longer in the EU, its ambassador has suggested. President Volodymyr Zelensky wants his country to join both bodies.

And ambassador Vadym Prystaiko has suggested the UK – a leading Nato member but no longer part of the EU – could become a key voice backing Ukraine’s efforts to join the military alliance.

He said: “Nation after nation is pledging the support for Ukraine in the EU and Nato. There is not much we can have from you here in the EU support, but at least let’s double up on Nato.

“All the energy the rest of the nations in Europe will have to waste on the (EU), you can use to promote us in Nato.” Nato is important for his nation as a “security umbrella” and the military alliance is much more “energetic” than in the past, said Mr Prystaiko.

He added: “What we are offering Nato now is our contribution to the security.”

And Mr Prystaiko said Ukraine had performed well in the war. He said: “We managed to stop the second biggest army in the world
and pushed them, in most
of the areas, back.

“Half of the territory which they managed to occupy is already liberated.”

The question of Nato membership for Ukraine brings complicated questions amid the West’s desire to avoid war with Russia.

Ukraine applied to join the EU last February after war broke out, with candidate status granted in June.

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