Brexiteers slam Remoaner David Miliband for returning from the political grave to keep us tied to the EU

The other Miliband brother – who quit as an MP and went to work abroad after losing the Labour leadership to Ed in 2010 – now has joined the fight against Brexit.

The ex-foreign secretary wants MPs to come together to fight what he calls a "hard Brexit" because the country is being "held to ransom" by the demands of Leave-backers.

In a rare intervention today signalling his attempted return to frontline politics, he joined forces with Tory rebel Nicky Morgan and ex-Lib Dem boss Nick Clegg to slam Theresa May's plans for our EU exit.

He told Radio 4 today: "The prospects of a hard Brexit are very high now and, what's worse, the prospect of no deal is rising too."

And lashing out at the current boss, he added: "The warning for Jeremy Corbyn is that, if he is not very careful, he will be the midwife of a hard Brexit that threatens the living standards of the very people that he says he wants to stand up for and represent."

Eight years after his sibling Ed stabbed him in the back by standing against him for the Labour leadership, David today suggested Britain should be tied to the EU like Norway as part of the European Economic Area, which would force us to continue to accept EU laws, and continue unlimited immigration.

"Membership of the EEA, as what I would call a safe harbour for Britain after Brexit, is on the table for every MP and party leader," he said today.

But Brexiteers were quick to hit back at the has-been's flop come back, and urged him to respect the decisive vote to quit the bloc.

Harwich and North Essex MP Bernard Jenkin stormed: "The establishment strikes back: some MPs are seeking to take back control of Brexit, not from the Government, but from the British people who voted LEAVE."

Nigel Evans added: "Respecting democracy is vital as an international norm!"

And Jacob Rees-Mogg told LBC today it was part of a "last gasp" effort to keep us in the EU for good.

Mr Miliband today denied he was about to set up a new centrist party to take on the extreme left.

"This is about calling for MPs of all parties to stand together," he said.

"It think that it is significant that people should come together, frankly out of alarm at the prospects for the UK."

Since he quit as an MP he's been working in New York for a charity.

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