Brian Laundrie letter slammed in Gabby Petito podcast with new details of ‘confession on digital device' revealed | The Sun

THE letter from Brian Laundrie detailing what happened to Gabby Petito was slammed in podcast as details of a supposed confession on a digital device are expected to be revealed.

Brian Entin, who has followed the Gabby Petito case since the beginning, says more information could come to light as the Petito family lawsuit against the Laundries moves forward.

Entin appeared on The Crime Analyst podcast with Laura Richards to discuss Laundrie's letter, as well as other details of the case.

The podcast mostly focused on the contents of the letter, which Richards slammed as being "nonsensical."

Entin also revealed his surprise at learning that there could be two other confessions, including one on a digital device.


"I think most people immediately thought, 'This is a bunch of rubbish,'" Entin said of when the contents of the letter was released to the public.


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Entin says he "always thought" that Laundrie's letter would become available, and that it was just a matter of time.

"This thing is going to surface at some point," he said.

But the condition of Laundrie's notebook was in question.

"We had heard that it [the notebook] was in the water, that parts of it were understandable ," Entin said, adding that he wondered whether the notebook would be water logged.

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"It was interesting, you could read the whole thing for the most part," he said.

"It was in really good condition."


Entin also spoke of his visit to Grand Teton near where Petito's body was eventually recovered.

"It's a very popular area with tourists," Entin said.

"It's remote but there's definitley people driving in and out.

"The van was on the side of the dirt road then there's the creek bed and creek."

On the other side is where Gabby's body was discovered, Entin said.

"It's probably a 10 minute walk from the van to where her body was discovered, granted you have to walk through a shallow creek, but it wasn't that far, you could get back to the van within 10 minutes.

"And the other thing – the cellphone service was really, really good there.

"I wasn't expecting that, but I had almost full service."

Entin said he was streaming a video to determine exactly where Petito and Laundrie's van had been, and he was able to stream the video despite being at the campsite.

"The internet was very good, so I immediately didn't buy the story for that reason, just because in my mind I was going back mentally to being there.

The story Entin refers to is one from the letter, in which Laundrie details injuries Petito had sustained and how she wouldn't let Laundrie "try to cross the creek"because she "thought like me that the fire would go out in her sleep, and she'd freeze."

"He probably could've seen the van from where he was, and the whole idea of a phone or just yelling out for people, again there were many camp sites around there. He could've just started screaming," Entin said.

"So it just didn't really add up to me."


Richards mentioned during the podcast that Laundrie's letter was one of three possible confessions that may exist.

"That was a surprise to me," Entin said upon learning of the possible other confessions.

"One is on a digital device," Entin claimed that Pat Reilly, the Petito family's attorney, told him.

"I didn't get the impression that he had seen those yet.

"But then he also talked about this other letter from Roberta [Brian's mom] to Brian that said something like 'Burn after you read this' on the outside.

"He [Reilly] didn't want to get into what the letter said," Entin said, claiming that Reilly had read the letter.

"He basically said it's going to be very interesting when that is eventually made public."

Later on in the podcast, an interview between Entin and Reilly is played, in which the lawyer reveals that there are other stories that he [Laundrie] told as well.

"There's at least one possible two other confessions," Reilly told Entin.

"We don't have them at this point.

"We just have this one, but my understanding is one on a digital device of some kind, and there may be another writing."

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Reilly claims that the FBI told him of the other possible confessions.

"From what we were told they are somewhat different," Reilly said.

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