Brilliant pictures reveal the most ingenious methods for dishing out revenge – so which is your favourite?

The brilliant pictures were all shared in an online gallery and demonstrate some of the most ingenious methods of punishing someone.

One woman noticed someone was stealing her “coffee creamer” and decided to inform the person they had been drinking her breast milk all week.

Meanwhile, a motorist driving a white SUV returned back to their vehicle to find someone had tied a shopping trolley to their door handle because they were not parked in a space.

Another man was so furious at his upstairs neighbour “vacuuming his floor while he is sleeping” that he decided to hoover his ceiling at 3am.

A cheeky colleague decided to reply to a note from an irritated staff member who asked workers to put food in the bin because it smells like “old ketchup” – and wrote “sorry” in tomato sauce.

And a frustrated diner also decided to use ketchup as their weapon and wrote “we waited 30 minutes – no service” in huge letters on the table at a restaurant.

Other images which make up the collection show how someone placed a lock on the top of a bottle of wine to prevent their housemate from drinking it.

Meanwhile, a woman who was once in a picture was erased because the others in the image “do not talk to her anymore”.

And in a particularly hilarious post, a woman whose phone was stolen got her revenge on the thief by posting on their Facebook page when she got the device back from the police.

She wrote: “I am a thief. Unfortunately for me, I was arrested last night and the cops found the phone I stole.

“Stupidly I had logged in on the phone to Facebook and Twitter so now the owner can type whatever she wants on my accounts. Karma’s funny like that huh?”

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