Brit mum fights off sex predator as he ripped her clothes off along dark forest road after hitching lift with bogus ‘taxi driver’ on Turkish holiday

A BRITISH mum of four has told how her Turkish holiday turned into a nightmare when she was stripped and dragged down a road in a brutal sex assault.

The victim, known only as Anne, 45, had accepted a ride from a "taxi-driver" motorcyclist – but to her horror he rode her to a secluded spot instead of her four-star hotel in the resort of Marmaris.

Now she has bravely come forward about her ordeal to warn other Brits holidaying there.

Anne was spending a fortnight in the sun with her husband and youngest daughter, she told Mirror Online.

Then one night after meeting some friends from the UK she decided to go for a drink.

When she lost her pals she decided to go back to her hotel alone.

But after accepting a lift from a biker she realised he had simply ridden past the turn-off to her hotel.

Instead he stopped at the end of a cul-de-sac enclosed by forest.



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Anne had been enjoying her holiday before she encountered a predatory sex fiendCredit: Mirrorpix

She told the Mirror things became violent when he produced some sort of weapon.

Within a moment which her denim shorts and knickers from her body were ripped while she was standing. 

Then he began dragging her to a wooded area.

She said: "I knew if I went into the forest, I was never going to come out, so I lashed out at him with everything I had and threw myself back into the road."
Anne said her attacker ran away when a car came near.

She was then given a lift back to her hotel by a good Samaritan.

Travel advice from the Foreign Office warns tourists to be “vigilant” after a spate of sexual assaults in Turkey's coastal resorts in recent years.

It also warns holidaymakers not to accept lifts from strangers.

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