Brit Take Me Out star 'attacked by Magaluf nightclub promoter who tried to drag her into a bar while she was on a family holiday’ – and it left her so scared she wet herself

Jodie Carnall, 26, said she was so scared she wet herself when Luke Atkinson grabbed her and pulled her into JD Sports Lounge.

The Take Me Out and Coach Trip contestant told The Sun Online she was left an "anxious mess" and was too scared to leave her hotel.

She added: "We walked past JD Sports bar and this guy came up from behind me, picked me up by the waist so my legs were in the air.

"He dragged me into his bar. I was like 'get off'. He finally let me go and said 'f***ing s**g', and when this happened he started grabbing me by the arm again.

"He dragged me back inside and I was like 'get off' and pushed him away with my arm.

Jodie, who was visiting the resort with her sister and mum, was left with grazes to her arm.

"He started video recording me, saying: 'This ugly slag is just upset she's come on holiday in April'. He wasn't making any sense."

She said Luke knocked the tiara she was wearing from her head and another bar worker grabbed her phone from her hand when she tried to film them.

She said: "No one would help me, and that was the scariest thing. There were bouncers there and everything. He was following me and taunting me."

Since detailing the alleged attack online she says several other women have contacted her claiming to have suffered similar treatment by the bar manager.

Luke told The Sun Online he picked Jodie up "trying to have banter" before she hit and verbally abused him.

He added: "I would like to apologise to Jodie if she felt bad after the incident but I am also not here to be attacked by anyone I am here to make people's holidays enjoyable and I would like to think I do.

"For her asking people on her Facebook live video, which I believe she's taken down now, for people to sort me out is out of order and I don't think getting someone to sort me out would solve the problem."

When contacted, a spokesperson for JD Sports Lounge said: "We don't condone and we have spoken to Luke and made clear that it should of dealt with been (sic) attacked in a better manner, but we also don't condone her hitting one of our reps."


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