Brit tourist bitten by rabid cat died after NHS suggested anti-itch cream, claims widow

Omar Zouhri went to A&E after a boy the puss also bit in Morocco died — but he got the all-clear.

A GP later gave Omar, 58, a rabies jab. But on returning to A&E at Stoke Mandeville Hospital three weeks later with finger pains, he was merely told to buy E45 skin cream.

In a further cruel twist of fate, Omar passed away after being transferred to John Radcliffe in Oxford – ten years after his daughter Amira, four, died in the same hospital.

Widow Chadia, 51, of Aylesbury, Bucks, said of his visits: “He explained a child died. They said, ‘You’re being paranoid. You’ve not got it’.”

Omar, a full-time carer for his wife, was admitted with fever the next day and died six days later — nine utterly agonising weeks on from the August 31 bite.

Chadia added: “The poor man begged so many for help but no one was there for him.

“He was transferred to John Radcliffe Hospital.

“He was able to talk and was aware of people but knew that he was dying.

“At the time he was very angry and said he wouldn’t wish what he was going through on his worst enemy.

“He died in agony. Our two little kids are heartbroken.”

She said her husband had also been given a rabies jab and antibiotics in Morocco, where he was visiting family.

It comes as Omar's nephew Nabil Jellal revealed how the dad was left struggling to move, swallow or breathe as he battled the disease.

He told the Mirror: "He was a fit, healthy man, he should not have died. And two kids have died, too, because of this cat. It’s so, so sad.”

Nabil explained how Manchester City fan Omar had been visiting family in Morocco from Aylesbury, Bucks, where he had lived for 30 years when he was bitten.

Omar, who lost his daughter Amria to leukaemia in 2008 and also had an 11-year-old girl, was given two weeks to live on November 3 – the day before he passed away.

Speaking about his uncle the day before he died, Nabil said: "He could hardly move, he was sedated, but he was still fighting and trying to get up.

"He was speaking a bit, some of his last words were to ask us to look after his family.”

Only one in 1,000 rabies ­victims survives after symptoms appear.

The hospital trust said it was probing but could not comment before his inquest.


August 31: Bitten by cat in Morocco. Attends two hospitals there who send him to a pharmacy for an injection.

September 5: Returns to UK.

October 5: Doctors in Morocco phone to say a child has died and he needs to attend A&E. Attends Stoke Mandeville that day but is given the all-clear.

October 28: Develops pain in his finger and attends Bucks Urgent Care at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Staff write down the name of a cream – E45 – and he is allegedly told he is being “paranoid.” Returns home.

October 29th: Returns to A&E suffering a fever and is admitted to hospital.

October 30: Transferred to John Radcliffe hospital.

November 4: Dies.

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