Brit troops banned from paying for sex while stationed abroad

New rulings from the Ministry of Defence has now placed a blanket ban on Brit squaddies paying prostitutes while on operations overseas.

Two new policies were announced yesterday as the department says they will crack down on unacceptable sexual behaviour throughout the armed forces.

New zero tolerance rules are set to prohibit all sexual activity which involves an abuse of power, and under the new guidelines, this will include buying sex whilst abroad.

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The new rulings from the Ministry of Defence come as a way of preventing sexual exploitation and abuse overseas, with a promise to respond to every allegation of rule breaking received.

Another policy has made a zero tolerance line to unacceptable sexual behaviour, placing greater emphasis on support for the victims.

Any Armed Forces member to have behaved in a sexually unacceptable way would be discharged, with the two new policies backed up by a new defence strategy training course.

The Tackling Sexual Offending in Defence Strategy marks the Ministry of Defence as pushing for prioritising victims and reducing the impact of sexual offending in the Armed Forces.

New rulings on sexually unacceptable behaviour come after claims that British troops could be involved in the death of 21-year-old Agnes Wanjiru.

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Wanjiru's body was found at the Lions Court Hotel in Nanyuki near to the British Army Training Unit Kenya camp two months after she disappeared.

Leo Docherty, the Minister for Defence People, said: "Abusive, discriminatory or predatory behaviour has no place in our Armed Forces and these measures send a clear message that these types of behaviours will not be tolerated.

"As a forward thinking and modern employer, the Armed Forces are a place where our serving personnel can thrive, and we will continue to expect the highest values and standards of each and every one of them."

New policies over sexually unacceptable behaviour have been created alongside the Zero Tolerance policy, which brings about a discharge order for sexual offences, The Telegraph reported.

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