Brockville man convicted 3 times of same sexual assault may appeal again

Despite losing three appeals on a sexual assault conviction, a Brockville man may try for a fourth time to have his verdict overturned.

Toronto-based lawyer Chris Sewrattan has confirmed to Global News that he is now representing 38-year-old Ryan Hartman.

Bekah D’Aoust was sexually assaulted by Hartman at a house party in 2011. After years of going through three appeals, Hartman was sentenced on Wednesday to a year in jail.

But on Thursday, D’Aoust, who recently had the publication ban on her name lifted, took to social media saying that Hartman was applying for yet another appeal.

Sewrattan says there are no firm plans to launch an appeal, but he is reviewing Hartman’s case and may have more news next week.

Hartman was first convicted of sexual assault in 2012, a decision he then appealed.

When this appeal was struck down, Hartman then admitted to sexually assaulting D’Aoust, but claimed he was asleep during the incident because he suffers from sexsomnia. This appeal was struck down.

Then, Hartman used a Jordan appeal, claiming he was denied his right to a speedy trial. That appeal was thrown out this week.

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