Bumbling thief steals $240K Lamborghini, crashes hours later

He should have stuck to two wheels.

A man on a moped lived out a “Fast and Furious” fantasy Friday night, stealing a Lamborghini in Manhattan — and then crashing the $240,000 ride hours later in the Bronx when the hotrod apparently became too much to handle, police said.

The wild incident unfolded just before 7 p.m. when the owner of the black 2016 Lamborghini Huracán convertible, tech entrepreneur Ekim Kaya, was cruising on the West Side Highway on his way the Manhattan Classic Car Club, he told The Post on Saturday.

Just yards from his destination at West 38th Street, Kaya was sideswiped by a pair of 20-somethings riding together on a moped, which sheared off the car’s driver’s side mirror, cops said.

When he got out to ask the pair for their IDs so he could submit an insurance claim, the two panicked, and begged him to let them go on their way, Kaya said.

“The guy was saying, ‘My mom is going to kill me, I’m going to go to jail,’” recalled Kaya, an Instagram influencer with 1.1 million followers.

“He offered me $100 cash, and I said it wouldn’t cover the mirror,” which costs about $2,400 — without labor, he said.

Things then veered violent.

“He suddenly hit me with his elbow and I fell, and they both started kicking and hitting me,” Kaya said.

One of the men hopped in the luxe Italian ride, locked the door —  and spent a full two minutes fumbling with the ignition before figuring out how to put the stick-shift in drive, eventually tearing out northbound on the highway, Kaya said.

The thief’s pal followed suit — though with decidedly less style — puttering away on the beat-up two-wheeler.


The very grand theft auto happened right near the NYPD’s tow pound — but nearby cops — and even an NYPD helicopter were unable to immediately slow down the speed demon.

One officer used a tow truck to try to block the car’s path, to no avail, prompting perhaps the most unfair — and quickest– car chases in automotive history.

After about “30 seconds” the Lambo — which has a top speed of 201 mph and goes from 0-60 in 3.42 seconds — sped off.

“You can’t chase a Lamborghini with a tow truck,” Kaya scoffed.

Four hours later and about 10 miles away, the car was found completely “trashed” near the entrance to a McDonald’s on Webster Avenue in the Bronx, its dejected owner said.

Police are still searching for the hoody-wearing suspects.

Kaya, a native of Turkey who now calls Hudson Yards home, is nursing bruises and lamenting the damage to his beloved Lambo, which he bought two and a half months ago, and is unsure if he’ll repair yet.

“OMG,” he said in a video taken when he first laid eyes on the car in August.

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