Burglar with ‘poor aim’ caught after peeing on toilet seat during break-in

A burglar has been identified by police in Sweden after he urinated on a toilet seat during a break-in.

The victims returned to their apartment in Sweden to find it had broken into and called police.

When officers arrived the offender had gone, but he’d left some clues for officers.

Swedish police posted an image of a soiled toilet seat with the warning: "Careful when you pee!"

"In the middle of the search for things to steal, it started to press his bladder and the thief had to visit the bathroom.

"In his eagerness to get his job done, he aimed crooked and hit the ring. "

They used the urine sample to trace to get the suspect’s DNA and found a match in their crime database.

Swedish police said it is not the first time they have been able to catch a burglar thanks to his ‘poor aim’.

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