Burly shopper batters smaller man with a huge sausage 'for not wearing a face mask' in Ukraine supermarket bust-up

THIS footage shows a burly Ukrainian shopper beating up another man with a sausage because he wasn't wearing a face mask.

The incident, that was filmed at a supermarket in Kiev, went viral on social media after its post on Sunday.

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In the outrageous video, the stocky shopper is seen paying for his sausage at the counter while shouting something to a man near the entrance.

He struts over to the man, seen not wearing a face mask, and manhandles him out of the supermarket.

After he pushes the slight man out of the store, he then slaps him around the face with his sausage.

The stocky shopper speaks and turns to leave, however, as soon as his back is turned the mask-less man kicks the stocky shopper in the back but instantly falls off the wall.

The stocky shopper then belts the man with his sausage twice before inspecting the damage to his savoury snack.

At the end of the clip, he is seen apparently punching the man to the ground.

According to local media, the heavyset shopper noticed the man not wearing a mask, which is mandatory in closed spaces, and reacted with fury.

It is unclear whether the victim was injured and whether the police are investigating the matter.

Ukraine eased its nationwide lockdown a month ago on May 22 however it appears a second wave of infections has hit the country.

The government allowed hotels to reopen and public transport to resume in the cities while kindergartens were allowed to reopen from May 25.

But in the last five days, the number of coronavirus cases has hit a record high.

On June 19 the country recorded a massive 921 new cases of coronavirus.

The country has reported 38,074 cases with 1,035 deaths.

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