Cafe owner trolls mummy blogger who complained her daughter’s £4 chicken nuggets and chips were too small

Self-described "influencer" Vanessa Maldonado slammed the treat after buying it for her daughter at Sydney's Hanging Ladder cafe.

She wrote to her 100,000 followers on Instagram: "I was a little surprised by the number of nuggets and size, which would be about the size of a 20 cent piece.

"I asked the waitress if they made a mistake and she said she would ask the chef. She came back letting us know that the chef said that it was the right amount."

She claimed the discussion ended with the manager stormed off with the plate in his hand, leaving daughter Mia without a meal.

Restaurant owner Andrew replied to call her a "bully", adding: “I feel its unjust and my comments were misconstrued and twisted to fill their aim.

"I really don’t have time for people who call themselves influencers and go into my venue trying to throw their weight around with threats.

One user backed him up, writing: "How do expect a human being to react when you slam their business online based on one experience.

"You @childblogger have a huge following, have tagged media outlets to share the ONE bad experience, threatening the livelihood of not only the owner but his staff base."

Annother added: "If you were so unhappy with this meal you should have just sat there and ate it and not gone there again"

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