Calgary students carry on teacher’s legacy with multicultural fair: ‘Celebrate the diversity’

Nyrmin Dhanoa won over her fellow students as soon as she hit the gym floor for a rehearsal at Calgary’s Delta West Academy.

The Grade 4 student was practicing some Indian dance moves that she’s been working on for a while.

“It’s a traditional dance that you might do at weddings,” Dhanoa said. “I just like dancing overall, it’s kind of what my passion is.”

She was one of several students getting ready for the school’s multicultural fair on Friday.

The event will features students doing performances and mounting displays that reflect their heritage, as well as serving traditional dishes they’ve prepared.

“This is actually something that I started when I was a student here,” said teacher Akaash Bhagria, who attended the school from Grade 7 to Grade 12.

Bhagria is now enjoying helping his students carry on his legacy.

“I’m pretty proud of my heritage,” Bhagria said. “And especially with a lot that’s going in the world trying to divide us, I think this a good opportunity for us to celebrate the diversity we have.”

Harjot Dhugga, 11, and his brother Anmol, 13, are teaming up with two cousins to perform a dance together.

Having family members as schoolmates helps them get off on the right foot.

“It’s good to do it as a family,” Dhugga said. “Because if someone messes up you’re not criticizing them. You know what they’re good at, you know what they’re bad at.”

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